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About Us

From Idea to Ideal

Strata is an executive management group working with knowledge based businesses to maximize their value. This often means hi-tech or bio-tech companies but it can also mean those involved in entertainment, industrial products, consumer goods or any enterprise focused on fulfilling the potential of its intellectual property.

Our primary focus is on working with small and medium size businesses which vary in size from an individual with an initial idea to enterprises with up to $50 million in sales.
Typically our clients need assistance which extends beyond their current set of management skills and experiences. We provide the hands on support and expertise necessary to fill those roles and maximize company performance.

Strata’s experienced team has advised or been part of businesses from start-ups to companies with international sales of over $1 billion. Having lived and learned from the highs and lows of various businesses (including those that have required re-positioning) is the crucial piece of the value that Strata brings to the clients’ team. This invaluable experience enables our group to react and adjust to each client’s specific needs and compliment their own team of management and advisors.

The term “cash flow” is one we all understand very well and maintaining it in our portfolio clients is a paramount concern for us. We structure our deals with the companies recognizing that each has different circumstances and that ultimately the goal is for everybody to benefit from our being involved in a success. Depending on the circumstances we also participate in arranging financings and have an investment arm called StrataVest Capital Inc. (see tab – StrataVest above).

Through our three locations in Ottawa and Toronto, Ontario and Victoria, B.C., we are ideally situated to service the surrounding areas of Montreal, Kitchener-Waterloo, Vancouver and cities in the U.S. The nature of our approach allows us to bring the consolidated experience of the team to each client in any location.