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From Idea to Ideal

Strata also offers private and family run companies’ support as they investigate how to structure, position, enhance, and realize on their present and future value. Attics are often an area that families store away valuables for their future, but often they do not maximize their value until events make their realization a necessity. Conversely, they can even lose or diminish in value due to inaction or lack of a plan for the future. Owners of private operating businesses are often in a similar situation with their companies when it comes to growth or realization scenarios.

Our ATTICSTM service looks to identify the key factors in corporate and personal value growth.


  • The best way for a company to continue to grow in value often is to acquire or be acquired; in either case are you ready for it?


  • The skill sets that have grown the business do not always translate into the best for buying and selling the business itself.


  • Bringing together two or more operations previously independent of each other is a project in itself and not normally an in-house skillset for your business.


  • Getting independent management teams to work together effectively, maximizing cost improvements, and without losing their focus on what made them successful can be the key to any transaction.


  • Each organization has a “group think” and environment which is intrinsic to its reason for being and meshing one with another is no small task.


  • Many private operating businesses are family run and very often they are expected to stay in the family from one generation to the next; does this make sense to the best interest of the company and are the next generation interested and ready to takeover without support.

The people of Strata have experienced the need, made the decisions, and taken the actions to successfully navigate private businesses through their unique and individual ATTICSTM.